Monday, October 21, 2013

Toshiko Takaezu

An Interview with Toshiko Takaezu from D.B.Long on Vimeo.

Toshiko Takaezu (June 17, 1922 – March 9, 2011) was an influential American potter, an artist, and a teacher. Born in Hawaii to Japanese parents, she studied traditional ceramics in Japan, which continued to inform her work throughout her career.

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Check out the amazing recreation of a Muromachi period pottery studio in the classic Japanese film Ugetsu. I highly recommend watching the entire film (it's available on DVD from Netflix).

Shiho Kanzaki

Unlike many of Japan’s famous ceramic artists, Shiho Kanzaki was not born into a family of potters. Nor did he enter the field at an early age. He initially went to school to become a lawyer, and was actually disowned by his father for choosing a different path. After a stint selling washing machines, Shiho established himself as a studio potter.

“The truth is,” he said in an interview with American potter Dick Lehman, “that because of those encounters I am what I am now. The tree that overcomes severe weather reveals its true beauty. It is the same for people.”

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